Yes. Cozy Coats for Kids is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations made are tax-deductible.

A receipt is sent to the email address connected with your donation. You can also check your donation history and download receipts from here.

Please consult a qualified tax advisor for proper reporting for donations on your tax return.

Visit the Donor Dashboard here and confirm your email. You will then be sent an email with a link to access your donor information.

You can make a donation online at Donate, or you can donate by mail. Please make your check payable to Cozy Coats for Kids and send it to:
          Cozy Coats for Kids
          1750 30th Street, Suite 301
          Boulder, CO 80301

Once a year as part of their Annual Coat Delivery Program, Cozy Coats for Kids® purchases brand-new winter coats for children in need and delivers it directly to them. Learn how the Annual Coat Delivery Program works

We receive coat orders from members of the home inspection industry, primarily members of InterNACHI® and the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA). Their coat orders are for children in their local community. Some are friends, family and neighbors, while others attend schools or participate in community centers and outreach programs in their local community.

We deliver coats to children throughout the United States, and occasionally to Canada. We ship the coats directly to those who request them for distribution to the children.

We start accepting coat requests at the beginning of September. Please fill out our Submit a Coat Request form around that time.

We strive to fulfill all orders, but the demand always exceeds our capabilities.

Before submitting an order, the estimated quantity of coats in your order must be approved. Please email  

With the funds raised over the course of the year, we purchase and deliver hundreds of coats once a year by Thanksgiving — just in time for cold weather.

No; we purchase brand-new winter coats each year.

We believe the gift of a brand-new winter coat to a child in need can have a positive, lifelong impact – especially if it’s in their favorite color. We are committed to providing what we can to help bring inspectors together with their local communities to build a healthy, happy, and strong future generation.

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Make a donation! Afterwards, instructions will be displayed on the confirmation webpage. You’ll ultimately be asked to complete this form. Then, you’ll instantly be added to our Donors page.

Any donation you make to a reputable charitable organization (like Cozy Coats for Kids®) is tax-deductible. But that’s not all. Because the home inspection industry drives CCFK, it provides a unique opportunity to promote your business. Learn more

All donors are instantly listed on our Donors Page after completing the short form. We also announce all donations on our Facebook page, Instagram page, and in our dedicated forum thread titled “Cozy Coats for Kids” on InterNACHI’s message board within 24 hours of your donation! 

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