Q: What is the Coat Delivery Program?
A: It’s not a coat drive, where people collect and donate a variety of coats for random distribution. CCFK provides each child with a brand-new winter coat in their favorite color. Each coat must be ordered by a partner for a specific child.


Q: How does the program work?
A. We partner with schools, social service agencies, other nonprofit organizations, and home inspectors who submit orders on behalf of the children in their community.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Apply to become a partner.
    2. Identify children in your area who are in need of a coat.
    3. Submit their orders to us, including essential details like gender, size, and color preference.
    4. We’ll handle the rest! We’ll ship the coats directly to you for distribution.


Q: How much does it cost to participate?
A: The whole process is cost-free for partners and coat recipients, thanks to our generous supporters.


Q: How do I get coats?
A: Apply online.


Q. I am a home inspector and want to participate. How do I identify children in need of a coat?
A. Many home inspectors reach out to local schools or team up with churches, community centers, food banks, etc. We have a letter you can use to reach out to local organizations. Download the Template Letter for Cozy Coats for Kids® Volunteers.


Q: How do I know if my application is approved?
A: We will email and call you no later than the date listed on the Apply page. We will also let you know how many coats we are able to provide at this time based on the number requested in your application.


Q: How many coats can I order?
A: We typically offer a maximum of 100 coats per partner. When you fill out the application, you can specify the quantity of coats you’d like. Once your application is approved, we will send you a confirmation email and include the exact number of coats we can provide you. If you require more than 100 coats, please contact us at hello@cozycoatsforkids.org.


Q: Where do you send the coats?
A: We can ship the coats anywhere in the United States.


Q: When are the application and coat order due?
A: The deadline for the application and coat order submissions are listed on the Apply page.


Q: What are the program requirements?
A: Here are requirements:

    1. You must be an organization (school, church, community center, social services agency, nonprofit organization, etc.). We do not provide coats to individual families.
    2. You must submit an order for coats in children’s sizes only (up to size 16). We do not provide coats in adult sizes.
    3. You must submit an order for specific children and include their gender, size, and color (and style) preferences. It also helps to provide us with the children’s names or initials so we can label the coats for easier distribution on your end.
    4. Afterward, you must provide photos of some of the children receiving their coats. We use these photos on our website and in our marketing efforts. It helps our organization grow so that we can continue to give free coats to kids each year.
    5. You must permit us to use the photos on our website and marketing materials and to write about your organization and our partnership in a press release. It is your responsibility to secure written permission from the parent or legal guardian of each child whose photo you submit to us. (Download a sample release/permission form.) We do not include children’s names in any of our marketing.


Q: I am not able to provide photos of the kids receiving the coats. Can I still get coats?
A: Yes! You can provide photos of yourself (and your team) posing with the coats, or a video testimonial for upload to our YouTube channel. We can include this in our press release, along with any other information you provide. You can review examples on our News page.


Q: How do I submit my order after my application is approved?
A: We’ll provide those details when your application is approved. You will need to email hello@cozycoatsforkids.com a spreadsheet or organized table that has your order information. It should include each child’s gender, size, and color preference. See the example below.

It also helps to provide us with the children’s names or initials so we can label the coats for easier distribution on your end. You can also include a note about how you would like the coats organized, i.e., “Please pack and ship coats by grade.” In this case, we would pack all 1st-graders’ coats in one labeled box, all 2nd-graders’ coats in another labeled box, and so on.



Q: What size coats do you provide?
A: We’ll provide children’s coats up to size 16. We do not provide coats in adult sizes.


Q: Do you have a size chart for children’s coats?
A: Every brand is different, but we recommend basing your order on the following chart.


Q: Why types of coats do you provide?
A: We generally provide winter coats. In some cases, we will provide lightweight coats or raincoats, depending on your region. Please specify the type of coat you’d like on your application.


Q: I submitted my order. Now what?
A: Just wait! We’ll contact you if we have any questions about your order. We will email you tracking information once your order ships.


Q: How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
A: Orders can take up to six weeks to be delivered. We ship orders as received and based on coat inventory. Please let us know on your application if you need the coats by a certain date. We will ship the coats in bulk directly to the address on your application. Contact us if there are any changes.


Q: My application wasn’t approved. Why?
A: The demand always outweighs what we can provide. We strive to fulfill more orders each successive year. We approve applications based on a variety of factors. We encourage you to apply again next year.