Like every other small business owner, home inspectors are always looking for ways to increase their visibility online and become a recognized company in their local community.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to promote your company while simultaneously helping out people in need in your community? Donating to Cozy Coats for Kids® can help you do just that!

What Is Cozy Coats for Kids®?

Cozy Coats for Kids® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that provides brand-new winter coats to kids in need nationwide. We receive coat orders from members of the home inspection industry and ship them directly to those who request them for distribution to the children.

What makes CCFK unique is that each child gets to choose the color and style he or she would prefer, and it’s a niche industry-specific charity, powered by the home inspection industry.

How Can Donating Improve Your Company’s SEO Page Ranking?

There are so many reasons why philanthropic contributions are good for business. Any donation you make to a reputable charitable organization (like Cozy Coats for Kids®) is tax-deductible. But that’s not all. Because the home inspection industry drives CCFK, it provides a unique opportunity to promote your business.

When your home inspection business donates to Cozy Coats for Kids®, it becomes eligible for a permanent listing on our “Donor” webpage, which includes:

  • your company name;
  • your individual donor name;
  • your company logo; and
  • a live link to your company’s website.

Such a listing is likely to help improve your SEO page ranking, especially since Cozy Coats for Kids® is an industry-specific organization. This is an SEO- and reputation-building strategy that is helpful for small businesses who haven’t invested a lot in other SEO tactics. And because CCFK is a nationwide charity, you won’t be in direct competition with other local businesses.

Once your home inspection business is listed, Cozy Coats for Kids® announces your charitable donation on its:

You may choose to share the announcements on your company’s social media and website, too.

We know that even in the best of times, a lot of businesses wonder if they can afford to make charitable donations. But with all the tangible benefits of donating to Cozy Coats for Kids®, how can you afford not to?