BOULDER, Colo. (Dec. 1, 2022) – Sopo Squad Gaming hosted a fundraiser for Cozy Coats for Kids® during their Thanksgiving livestream on YouTube.

The channel is hosted by Mike and Lizzy Sopo and their children Cammy, Parker, Austin, and Colton. With more than 1 million subscribers, the channel features the family playing games using the Roblox gaming platform. Grandmother Maggy, who is an occasional guest, coordinated the fundraiser with Cozy Coats for Kids®.

The Sopo family experienced snowy winter weather for the first time this year after moving from Florida to Michigan. Mike said that his son saw snow for the first time, but “ten minutes later, he was frozen and in tears!” He explained, “We didn’t own any winter jackets yet, and winter came early this year. So, his playtime was cut short. It made me feel very thankful I could afford to buy winter clothing for my children. But I thought about the families struggling to get their children coats, and I wanted to find a way to give back.”

The family chose Cozy Coats for Kids® for their fundraiser because they liked that children get to choose a coat in their favorite color and style – a unique program, compared to other coat drives.

The Sopos plan to host another fundraiser during their Christmas livestream. You can watch the Sopo Squad in action in their video below: