Cozy Coats for Kids® makes giving easy!

It really is as simple as “Kids Choose. We Deliver.” The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focuses on giving brand-new winter coats to children in their favorite color and style preference. Although some of the orders for coats come in randomly from the general public, the majority are coordinated and submitted on behalf of members of the inspection industry and are part of the Annual Coat Delivery Program.

  • Fundraise. Throughout the year, Cozy Coats for Kids® focuses on fundraising initiatives and campaigns to fulfill orders for brand-new winter coats at the end of the year. Some of the initiatives and campaigns include contests, giveaways, and online auctions on the organization’s Facebook page and dedicated forum thread titled “Cozy Coats for Kids” on InterNACHI’s message board, and at live events, such as InterNACHI’s Annual Convention. Anyone can participate, and many of the prizes are inspection-related tools, gear, and books.
  • Designate volunteers. Every year around September, Cozy Coats for Kids® begins designating volunteers to coordinate the distribution of coats to children in their local communities who have been identified as in need. The majority of the volunteers are members of the inspection industry throughout the U.S. and Canada, primarily members of InterNACHI® and the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA).
  • Collect coat orders. If volunteers have not done so already, they begin working with friends, family, neighbors, and local schools, community centers, and outreach programs to identify children who need a brand-new winter coat. The volunteer coordinates with the other individuals or organizations to collect relevant information, including gender, coat size, and the children’s color and style preferences.
  • Submit coat orders. The coat orders are typically submitted to Cozy Coats for Kids® by mid-October in an effort to have all of the coats distributed to the children before winter weather hits. The majority of the orders submitted are for a specific child. On occasion, Cozy Coats for Kids® will fulfill orders for coats in miscellaneous colors and styles for mass distribution to communities with a general lack of resources. Volunteers submit orders ranging from a few brand-new coats to nearly 100.
  • Shop for coats. When the coat orders start rolling in, Cozy Coats for Kids® starts shopping! The charity organization provides only brand-new winter coats (no used or hand-me-downs) and fulfills orders as requested. In the past, children have requested coats with fur-lined hoods, pea coats, puffer coats, Disney® princess coats, bomber-style jackets, parkas, and snowsuits – in every color of the rainbow.
  • Ship coats. Typically, by the beginning of November, Cozy Coats for Kids® ships the coats directly to the volunteers who placed an order. The whole process is entirely cost-free to volunteers and coat recipients. To conclude the Annual Coat Delivery Program, the volunteers distribute the coats to the children in their local community, and Cozy Coats for Kids® posts about the deliveries under the website’s News and Gallery sections.
  • Repeat. Then, Cozy Coats for Kids® does it all over again, while aiming to expand the network of support, volunteers, and coat recipients ever year!

Cozy Coats for Kids® was founded on the belief that by bringing members of the inspection industry together, their combined charitable works can positively impact their local communities, especially its children. Additionally, by providing children with the opportunity to choose their own brand-new winter coat, Cozy Coats for Kids® aims to instill confidence and self-worth in the children who receive them. Interested in volunteering? Contact us.