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Cozy Coats for Kids, Inc. (“CCFK,” “we,” “us,” etc.), is a Colorado nonprofit corporation with tax-exempt status from the IRS. As a potential partner (“partner,” “you,” etc.), you must complete this application form. If CCFK approves the application, the terms below become an agreement between CCFK and you as the partner.


  1. The partner must be an organization (school, church, community center, social service agency, nonprofit organization, etc.). We do not provide coats to individual families.
  2. The partner must submit an order for coats in only children's sizes (up to size 16). We do not provide coats in adult sizes.
  3. The partner must submit an order for specific children and include each child's gender, size, and color and style preferences. It also helps to provide the children's names or initials to label the coats for easier distribution on your end.
  4. The partner must provide photos of some of the children receiving coats. We use these photos on our website and other marketing efforts. It helps us continue to grow and give free coats to kids each year.
  5. The partner must permit us to use the photos on our website and marketing materials and write about your organization and our partnership in a press release. It is the partner's responsibility to secure written permission from the parent or legal guardian of each child which allows us to use the photos (download a sample release for permission form). We do not include the child's name in any marketing.

If you have any questions, please contact before proceeding.