BOULDER, Colo. (Nov. 27, 2023) — Cozy Coats for Kids® recently provided 75 brand-new winter coats to Agape Pamoja, a Kansas City, Mo.-based nonprofit organization that helps refugees who have arrived in the U.S. from war-torn countries. The organization owns and operates “blessing houses” that provide them with affordable housing. Agape Pamoja also provides educational support, food, clothing, training in life skills, community involvement, leadership development, and other resources to help their community members thrive in American culture.

Director of Business Administration Lindsay Gieske coordinated the order on behalf of Agape Pamoja. She said, “The enthusiasm with which kids not only accepted their coats but eagerly put them on warmed the hearts of all our volunteers.” She continued, “In the days following distribution, we would see kids everywhere wearing the coats that had been provided to them – many choosing to wear them even when the temperature didn’t call for it, but just because they loved them so much.”

Lisa Evers, a volunteer with Agape Pamoja, stated, “There is nothing that thrills my heart more than the smiles and appreciation from children. For that reason, the Agape Pamoja Coat Giveaway Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I’m so very grateful to all who contributed to make this event possible. My husband and I walked away with full hearts, and left the needy children of Kansas City with large smiles and the hope of a cozy winter in their new coats!”

Agape Pamoja shared photos of some of the children with their brand-new winter coats.